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Welcome Swagbucks 3.0!

Swagbucks 3.0 has been released and there's a lot of changes! I'll be posting updates soon, otherwise, check out the official Swag Bucks Blog for details. Or just go see for yourself! Since it's inception, there have been a lot of changes. In the beginning, it was a single splash page with a search box, much like Google itself. Now, there's way more sections in the swagstore - video games, supplies, books, and everything else you could imagine.
Trade in cellphones and video games and iPods, swagstakes, mega swagbucks days, Tuesday twitter phrase that pays, poll Monday, more special offers, new website design/layout, swagcodes, hourly random winner and much more! Also, there's the Official Swagbucks Blog Year in Review posts to check out.

There have been a lot of changes since the birthday, and the new Swagbucks 3.0. The value of everything is multiplied by 10, codes come out more often, but some are under 10 (1 with the old system). The "no obligation" special offers can be done daily, instead of weekly. Using the toolbar gives a random number of swagbucks every day (with random surprise bonuses of 10sb). The hourly random winner is now every 30 minutes for 100sb. The Swagstakes section was given a complete facelift, and now has both limited time, and limited entry. So many changes, and more to come. Things to look forward to are games coming this spring (Swagbucks blog post), and even a Swagbucks forum (Mentioned on Facebook wall). Stay turned to the Swagbucks blog for more information on these exciting new changes, and check back here for updates. And the most exciting (and newest) change, for those of us who do special offers, is that GWallet has been removed from Wall 2 of the special offers page, and replaced by Offer Pal. Take a look, they have some great free offers to earn swagbucks!!

New @ the Swag Store
Newly SwagStakes at the SwagStore, Canon PowerShot Digital Camera, 10,000 Swag Bucks Giveaway, Toshiba Satellite 15" Laptop PC and more!


Newsletter and More
Subscribe to the Newsletter to be kept up to date on all SwagBucks activities and promotions. Often there will be a SwagCode included. You can subscribe and check out more features and ways to stay connected with SwagBucks. Did you know, whenever The Swag Guy blogs, he gives away Swagbucks? Its true.That's why if you see Swagbucks just appearing in your Swagbucks account, you should thank The Swag Guy. If you haven't heard of The Swag Guy, you better go to the Swagbucks Blog to take a look. There's also plenty of interesting topics, Swag Hunts and latest updates on the site. There's also the Video of the Week, Swagbucks picks, which are available to watch here in the video album or under Swagbucks News, Video of the Week.

Swagbucks News - Swagbucks
(YouTube Channel currently down)

Swagbucks News - Swagbucks

Tuesday Phrase That Pays
Every Tuesday, tweet the "Phrase That Pays" for a chance to win. Include @Swagbucks on Twitter and be creative.

Thursday Twitter Trivia
Every Thursday, follow Swagbucks on Twitter to play the Twitter Trivia. The game goes fast, so you gotta answer quickly.

MEGA Swagbucks Days!! Every Friday!!
Yes. its amazing i know isn't it? Everytime you search, its not just a chance to win 1,2,3,4,or five swagbucks, but also, ten, twenty , fifty and of course 100 swagbucks! So if you want something at a higher cost, you better get searching, because Mega Swagbucks Days are waiting for you!!

Swag Hunt Extravaganza!
Keep your eyes glued to the Official Swagbucks Blog for details on the current hunts. Swag Hunts don't last long, so snag those swagcodes while they're hot! Follow Swagbucks on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook and Swagbucks News - Swagbucksto the RSS feed of the Swag Bucks Blog to keep up to date when the next Swag Hunt is in effect.
Swagbucks News - SwagbucksSwagbucks News - Swagbucks

Swagbucks Holiday Toy Drive 2009
Toy Drive Ended December 20th, 2009. TSG thanks all of you for your kind donations to such a worthy cause. Because of you guys, hundreds of kids will be able to have a memorable Christmas or a wonderful Chanukah. Thanks so much again for all your hard work and generous hearts. Together, Swagbucks raised 68,056 Swag Bucks. That translates to a total of $5,512 put forth by Swagbucks!

I'll be following up in a couple of days with some photos from the toy drive that you guys made possible. Thanks so much again for all your giving.

Swag Nation is a kind nation.

If you've been on Swagbucks recently...
You definitely would've heard about the swagbucks widget. This little thing is so powerful. It can tell you if there's any new swagcodes. It's got the blog entries. It even has a search engine built right in! Check it out right below this! Also, with the redesign of the homepage, comes the random 30 minute winner banner! Randomly, Swagbucks will post member names for half an hour. If your name shows up, click to claim 5 swagbucks instantly! In order to be entered for this, you will need to choose your SwagName, instead of your member reference number. And you'll need to be logged in to claim. Keep an eye out for the green banner under the slideshow banner, which will look like this:

30 Minute Random Winner

(Generic Swidget with no referer)

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