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Top Tip: For the Swagbucks widget, Twitter and Swagbucks blog RSS feed, tips and Swag Bucks Tips and Tricks Blog, click here: Get more Swag bucks
To download the Swagbucks Helper 1.0 application I created, click:

Also, check the Related Sites page for more Tips & Tricks blogs, and more Free Swag!

Now here are other tips on earning swag bucks posted by other people:

- Refer friends, when they get Swagbucks from searches, you do to!
- Check the Swagbucks blog they might have some Swagcodes! http://blog.swagbucks.com/
- Download the toolbar you never know, you may be missing out on tons of Swag codes
- When you win a prize, send in your picture. thats 10 free swagbuck right there
- Submit good polls. if they use yours, they will give you 100 free swagaroos! (they do, i've done it twice and they gave me 200)
- Also submit ideas for Twitter Trivia, and questions for The Swag Gal. You get paid for both, if you're chosen.
- Recycle your old cellphones. the average number of Swagbucks you can earn is 1,000 with the highest being 3,000.
- Be creative. I was the one who made this site, and those puzzles, and the swag guy gave me ten extra!
- Nothing. when the swag guy updates on the swag blog, he gives out Swagbucks to people randomly.
- Change your bookmarks. Search for the site you have bookmarked, then bookmark the results page. That way when you use your bookmark, you do another search.
- Don't use your address bar. If you want to visit a site, search for it. It's an extra step in your daily internet life, but a rewarding one.
- Visit the swagbucks special offers, and click no obligation offers, when something pops up, scroll down and always press skip or no. At the end you will recieve one swagbuck, and it only takes a few seconds, so do this once a day!
-Take advantage of the trusted surveys. They do credit you, and you get one swagbuck each day for visiting the page.
-Another easy way to get an extra swagbucks everyday is to answer the daily polls. Its a really easy way to earn swagbucks and your voicing you opinion too!

Got tips? Post them up!

Tip from GillianIvy:

I use Mozilla. I have the Mozilla add on to use SB as my default search engine. Also, Mozilla (and IE) does tabs. Set up your home page like so...

Your regular homepage | SB search and win | Additional searches if you want |

So now, every time you open your browser (or click home), you'll have 1+ searches already going! Once one of your default searches wins, change your search string on your home page to increase odds of finding a new SB. I've earned 1-3sb's per day using this technique.

Additionally, I've found a mini-widget, it has less functions, but if there's a code out, you'll have "Code Alert" flashing on the top. It's less intrusive and easily fits in many sidebars. Click "Get Widget" to get your own. You'll need to change your referrer information, and that's it!

Also check out the Winning Tips page for more!

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